Payment & Delivery

Payment & Delivery

Please read carefully before ordering to avoid misunderstanding.


All the item prices shown not including postage.

Payment should be made within 3 days from day of invoice being sent. If you fail to make it in 3 days, your reservation will be take off without prior notice.

We're sometimes flexible on the late making payment, it depends on the situation & circumstances if it's just 4 or 5 days. But, make sure, you have a good reasons. Don’t simply ask for longer reservation period, and then just disappear. Pity on us.

Malaysian Shopper
For Malaysian shopper, you have options to make payment either via cash deposit, transfer via ATM, online transfer or interbank online transfer.We accept payment to these 2 banks only :

International Shopper

Paypal is the preferred method of payment at oH! Pretty Woman~Vintage for those buyer who are not Malaysian.

As a tool for shoppers visiting from outside the Malaysia, we've provided an online currency converter below. Please note that this is to be used only as a guide, though we have found it to be a generally reliable source of comparative currency- value  information.

Currency exchange rates may fluctuate daily. Therefore, there may be a difference, usually slight, in the value of a given currency between the time that you place your order with us, and the time that your payment is actually processed through your bank. Please refer to your bank assistant.
                                                                         Exchange Rates

Exchange Rates


The shipping costs are based on the weight of the parcel & your zip code. We will acknowledge the total postage in invoice.
We ship aprox 3 times a week. We don’t have strict day for us to ship, depend on free time.

Malaysian Shopper
You have 3 options for delivery method, but depend on item size and weight.

1.Pos Laju-Your package is guaranteed to arrive within 1 working days.
Penisular Malaysia : RM6/RM7 for 1 item, add RM2 for each subsequent item.
Sabah & Sarawak : RM8/RM9 for 1 item, add RM2 for each subsequent item.
*Signature of recipient are required as proof of delivery.

2.Pos Ekpress-Your package will be arrive within 1 or 2 working days,
                         depend on your area.
All area in Malaysia : RM5 for 1 item. Only for 1 thin dress, top and small garments like belt, scarf etc.
*Signature of recipient are not required. Not recommended method.

3.e-Parcel - Your package will be arrive in 1 week business day.
Penisular Malaysia : RM 3 for 1-3 items. Add RM 1 for each subsequent item.
Sabah & Sarawak : RM 6 for 1-3 items. Add RM 2 for each subsequent item.
*Cheapest option available for bulk delivery. Recommended for multiple items order. Price quotes based on weight of parcel and destination.

p/s: We do not provide Registered Post method since this shipping type does not exist in small nearby post office.

International Shopper

1.Pos Laju International - Your package will be arrive in 2-3 working days.
Postage rate : RM 25 for first item. Add RM 5 for each subsequent item
*Signature of recipient are required as proof of delivery.Fastest and safest way.

2.e-Parcel International - Your package will be arrive in 1week business days.
Postage rate : RM 18 for 1 item. Add RM 2 for each subsequent item.
*Recommended for multiple items order. 

Rest of The World
1.e-Parcel International - Transit time will be different depend on which country, usually take almost 2 weeks.Postage based on weight of parcel and destination country.

Shipping Policies

-Tracking no. of parcel will be informed via e-mail once the items are being sent.

-All shipping time taken as mentioned above,unless it's the holidays, then things tend to get a bit hectic. (Of course, the actual postal shipping time slows then, as well.)

-We will not be held responsible for merchandise lost or damaged during transit. You must submit a claim to the courier.